Month: June 2019

pool cleaning Chatsworth

Easy Ways to Find Pool Cleaning Service

Did you recently install a pool in your backyard? The suburban life in Chatsworth just wouldn’t be complete without a pool and a barbecue. Dipping into that pool with a beer at the end of a long and tiring day can make all that hard work seem worth it. However, cleaning and maintaining a pool […]

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Best Techniques for Safe Crossfit

They say that successful businesses fill a gap that was missing at the time of opening.  When I opened Industrial Athletics in 2013, I was trying to fill the gap of a safe CrossFit in the city of Pittsburgh.  I wanted to show the Pittsburgh community, and the CrossFit Pittsburgh community, that there was a […]

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Should You Focus on Compound or Isolation Exercises?

You walk into a commercial gym and no doubt you will find a few guys that focus majority of their time working on bicep curls or forearm extensions to build those areas. Or you notice a few girls performing a million kickbacks to develop their booty or working on triceps extensions to rid that rear […]

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