Advantages and Disadvantages of Protein Water Drinks

protein water

Strong Points of protein water drinks

Of all the proteins used, protein water drinks is the only one of all to combine all the strengths of each protein (soy protein, egg protein, casein)

The protein water drinks is the protein that contain more branched chain amino acids (BCAA). It is estimated that there are 25% branched amino acids in its composition.

protein water drinks
protein water drinks

The Protein water drinks has a lot of advantage:

Its best assets are its quality and its digestibility.

Indeed, protein water drinks is a protein that is very well assimilated by the body.

Its digestibility is really its strong point since it takes less than 45 minutes to reach the intestine.

And it is during the first half-hour that the protein water drinks brings the maximum of amino acids to the body.

Low Protein water drinks Points

Protein water drinks brings to the body, many during the first half hour and for nearly 2 hours, which is relatively short compared to other much slower proteins such as casein, egg white, soy …

Which means that his action is relatively limited in time.

In addition, protein water drinks because of its quality is more expensive than conventional protein. Its “protein water drinks” extraction technique gives it a much higher quality.

Thus its main weak points are therefore its price and its duration of assimilation very short in time.


-Very good assimilation

-The best aminogram with a lot of amino acids 25%

-Excellent digestibility


-A short assimilation in time

-A higher price than other proteins