Fun and Decorative Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs

Animal area rugs have been a popular item in home decor for many generations due to their versatility and ability to turn any indoor room or outdoor area into a nature or wildlife theme with an exotic eye appeal. There is a wide variety of designs and styles available in animal rugs that include genuine all natural animal hides and those made with synthetic or man-made materials. In this guide on striped indoor outdoor rug, you will learn about some of the more popular styles and some fun ideas for incorporating them in your home.

Indoor Animal Area Rugs

indoor outdoor area rugs
striped indoor outdoor rug

There is an endless selection of choices when it comes to decorating any room in your home with a wildlife, safari, exotic, or nature theme utilizing animal area rugs. Popular designs for a bedroom include cheetah, leopard, tiger, or zebra prints. You can purchase matching accents to go along with your rug including bedding, curtains, and lamp shades.  A safari theme is ideal for the den in your home which you can create by utilizing wall borders, wallpaper, animal accent lamps, decorative statues, and an area animal rug with zebra, leopard, tiger, cheetah, or a giraffe pattern. You can create a wildlife theme for your living room as well by choosing your favorite animal print and including animal print lamp shades, furniture such as zebra ottomans, leopard stools, and a safari cocktail table.

A child’s bedroom is the perfect room for a jungle theme as it provides a relaxing and fun environment as well as learning opportunities. This type of bedroom theme is also versatile as it can be started as a nursery for your infant and then be altered to grow and evolve along with your child. Children love the warmth and feel of the soft textured animal rugs which can be hung on the walls as well as placed on the floor. A sound system can also be installed for younger children with jungle and animal sounds being played that are often soothing and relaxing which may help at bedtime. You can coordinate the plush animal area rug of your choice with matching bed linens, furniture, toy boxes, and even add a playhouse to go along with the scene such as a jungle hut or cave.

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Animal Area Rugs for Outdoors

There are many ways to decorate an outdoor patio, room, or pool area with a wildlife or natural theme. Animal print rugs that are capable of functioning as either an striped indoor outdoor rug are not only a fun choice in style, but also a practical one as they are very durable with the ability to withstand changes in weather and protect the surface of your floors in heavy traffic areas. You can create a fun jungle or safari theme for any patio and include a tiki bar, mosquito net, and bamboo chairs along with indoor/outdoor animal rugs along the patio floor. A koi fish rug or runner makes an attractive addition to any garden or in ground pool area. As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your home or outdoor areas with fun and attractive animal area rugs.