Increase Link Popularity in 4 Ways

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Search engines are so important to many individuals who’s been using the internet for shopping, work, travel, and many more. For this reason, online marketers see this as an opportunity to showcase their products in different market or niche. They optimize or make every effort to have their sites show up in the top organic search results. Competition is so fierce that you have to work your way up from millions of pages. Many business owners be it small or big hire los angeles seo company to help them compete in the market.

If you really want to make it big time in organic results, you need links that count as score to push your site up the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Here are proven ways how to create backlinks to your site:

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los angeles seo company

Submit to Directories

It pays to submit to directories like DMOZ and Yahoo. But the former has strict rules. Hence, many webmasters submit to other search engine specialist directories like the ones listed on Sometimes you only need a few of them to get your site shoot up the SERP. Believe Me!

Signature Links from Forums

While many devalue these kinds of links but mind you every little things when gathered will make a difference. Just make it sure that forum does not use “nofollow” attribute. Keep on searching for niche-related forums from Google. Type in “nameofyourniche forum” without the quotes or “nameofyourniche”+”forum” with quotes and plus sign. Read the rules of each forum to make sure they accept signatures.

Post Blog Comments

Post comments to dofollow blogs with your anchor text (keyword) as name. While there maybe blog owners against this method, still many of them accept your comments as long as it is of substance. You can find many blogs that follow by typing in to Google search box “dofollow website search engine ranking”.

Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites

Like blogs, many of these social bookmarking sites use “nofollow” attribute. Find the ones that do follow. Digital marketing agency for fitness is just one of many company that creates dofollow backlinks for your blog. However, it has strict rules and many get their IP addresses banned due to non-compliance.

There are still many ways to increase your link popularity but these are the prominent ones. Keep in mind, getting the top best seo company los angeles results for competitive keywords and keyphrases do not come overnight. Goodluck!