Massage for Breathing Difficulties

I recently had an enquiry from a client that I was able to help with.. if you have any health issues and you’re not sure if Remedial/therapeutic massage might help, just message me and I’ll see if I can help..Q: Could you please tell me if massage might help my problem. I have had breathing problems for the past 5 weeks and have had an Asthma tests and its clear and have also had an Xray on my chest on its not showing anything so my only other thing i can think of is tightness in my back muscles as i do family daycare and am forever picking up children and am always tight in the back.

A: Hi, is there much stress/anxiety going on or do you get panic attacks? One of the signs of anxiety and stress can be constricted breathing. When the body starts to take shallow short breaths instead of breathing at a natural pace, it is hard to reach a relaxed state. Part of the problem is that the muscles around the rib cage and abdomen may have tightened, constricting air.

Massage plays an important role in training the body how to relax and help improve breathing. The positive impact massage can have on respiratory function has been well documented. Many muscles in the front and back of the upper body are accessory respiratory muscles, so when any of these muscles are chronically tight and shortened, they can restrict normal breathing and disrupt breathing patterns. Corporate massage Melbourne techniques that lengthen and relax these muscles improve breathing capacity and function.

corporate massage melbourne
corporate massage melbourne

Corporate massage Melbourne also helps to improve posture and opening out the chest area, structural alignment plus when the parasympathetic nervous system responds to massage your breathing rate slows and becomes deep and regular.

I can check your alignment, release any tight glute/hip muscles first which means that other muscles in your back won’t have to compensate, release tight connective tissue with myofascial release techniques, then use some tapotement techniques which can loosen mucus in the lungs and increase airway clearance for better lung function. Plus I can show you some stretches and breathing techniques for ongoing relief.

Once the body recognizes what true relaxation feels like, the mind can then easily recreate it before stress becomes chronic and damaging. This can also help you enjoy a more balanced life.

With increased breathing capacity you will then have increased energy levels.