SEO San Jose Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis of what others in your industry are doing is essential, whether you are launching a new endeavor or are already in business. Having a handle on what your competition is doing regarding SEO San Jose; search engine marketing, social media, etc. can give you head start in the knowledge of what is working in your space and what is not.

SEO San Jose
SEO San Jose

This knowledge can also give you advance warning of potential threats to your business as well as available opportunities. SEO San Jose provides initial and on-going in-depth intelligence on your competition on a variety of fronts including:

Identifying your competitors – SEO San Jose starts by analyzing the results for your most used search terms to determine strengths, weaknesses and methodologies of your competition. This analysis can direct SEO efforts toward search terms which provide the best opportunities and away from search terms carrying heavy competition.

Analyzing website design – This analysis, like search term intelligence, can reveal what is driving a site’s search engine rankings as well as initiatives which are not delivering results.

Offsite activity – This can include analysis and monitoring of blogs, local listings, social media activity, the amount and sources of inbound links, etc. This information is vital in the determination of where opportunities exist and actions which can either be taken or avoided to improve your site’s google ranking.

By acting as your eyes and ears on the web, San Jose SEO Expert can provide valuable intelligence on your competition and keep you ahead of them.