Site Agreement Requirements for Mobile Homes for Sale [The Beginners Guide]

If you are looking for a different type of holiday home or a downsizing retirement option, you may want to look at mobile homes for sale. Before you jump in you should look at the legal aspects. The most important document is the site agreement and this document has some important areas that need to be covered. Some of them are listed below.

Contact Details

Contact details should include details of the homeowner and the owners of the caravan parks permanent living. These details are provided to make it easier for either party to contact the other in case of a problem or while passing relevant information after you have made the purchase.

Australian Business Number or Australian Company Number

These details are provided as site agreement requirements to ensure homeowners can be reached while they’re not at home. It’s important to give these details to ensure both parties are dealing with well-documented individuals who’ll not bring any problems in the park in the future.

caravan parks permanent living
caravan parks permanent living

Number of people living in the Home

When Mobile homes are for sale, park management need to be informed of the total number of people that they intend to have staying there permanently. This makes it easier for the management to know the number of people staying in the park enabling them to monitor movements within the park.

Occupation Date

If there are mobile homes for sale in caravan parks permanent living, on the agreement the start and end date f occupancy needs to be noted down.  Both parties need to know the stipulated amount of time they’ll be required to stay in the caravan parks permanent living after purchasing the park home. They’ll know how long their contract lasts making both parties of contract termination dates.

Utility Costs

Utility costs are included in site agreements to avoid payment issues from unwilling homeowners. These utility costs may include gas, water and electricity costs. Homeowners may be required to pay for these costs on a monthly basis. Before moving into a caravan parks permanent living enquire about some of these utilities to enable you to budget for them in advance.

Pet Requirements

Does the site requirements for the caravan parks permanent living you’re about to move into have pet requirements? Check this detail to ensure you’re not breaking park rules if you move in with your pet. Are pets allowed or not? Will this affect your stay within the park or not? Ask yourself these questions before moving into a caravan parks permanent living.

Special Terms of the Agreement

Are there any special terms included in the site agreement requirements? Don’t ignore this special clause as it may interfere with your stay in the park. Ensure the special agreements work well with you and you’ll cope with them so that you don’t affect your stay in the process.

People can find mobile homes for sale all across Australia, in the major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The most popular states to purchase a mobile home is on the East coast – NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

Termination of a Mobile Home Agreement

Mobile homes for sale are a great alternative to a brick or mortar home as permanent homes or as a holiday home. If you’ve already bought one you’re probably curious to find out which factors may get the owners of the park to cut short your stay in the park. The following are some reasons why park owners may terminate your site agreement.

Breaking of Site Agreements

As a homeowner breaking site agreements and not fixing them within 28 days through the correct procedure may lead to the park management cutting short your stay in the park legally. While moving into the park, you agreed to follow all the stipulated rules in the site agreement requirements. Lack of doing so gives the management full rights to terminate your contract of duration in the caravan parks permanent living.


The management is allowed to kick out a homeowner if they assault a fellow homeowner within the park. Most of these parks promote peaceful co-existence. After buying a permanent home for sale ensure you live peacefully with your neighbours by avoiding assault. Avoid such issues and ensure you’re always on the right side of management to promote your stay.

Destruction of Property

caravan parks permanent living owners are allowed to terminate homeowners stay within a caravan park if they led to the destruction of property. Management can’t allow destructive people to stay in these parks as they’ll result in major losses. It’s the responsibility of the management to get rid of residents who destroy park property at any time legally.

Wrong Usage of Residence

Homeowners should use their homes as places of residence. Any other use of their homes should be known to the management to avoid any legal issues. Homeowners shouldn’t stay in caravan parks planning to use their areas of residence for reasons not allowed by the park management. Doing so may result in termination of site agreements by the owners of the caravan park.

Non-Compliance to Remedy Breach

If a homeowner is constantly interfering with the peace of other residents and they don’t let other homeowners enjoy their stay within these parks, the park management is allowed to cut short their stay within the long term caravan parks without any notice. Homeowners shouldn’t interfere with the enjoyment and relaxation of other residents within the park. To promote your stay within these parks ensure you live peacefully with other residents to avoid getting kicked out.