Special Features That You Need to Know About Skechers Scrubs

Skechers Scrubs

Are you looking for affordable and sustainable medical scrubs? Have you heard of Skechers scrubs? Skechers scrubs are famous for being the most affordable and sustainable scrubs. If you are looking for something like this, read on to know more about Skechers scrubs, and stick with us.

If you are a scrub lover and want to show how dedicated and professional you are to your patients and job, Skechers scrubs can prove to be the best for you. They are stylish and comfortable at the same time. Skechers scrubs are made of eco-friendly fabric material. It is famous for its special fabric material that is made from seven recycled plastic bottles that go for each garment that is over a set of scrubs.

Feature of Skechers Scrubs

The special features of Skechers Scrubs for which it is famous are listed below. Have a look at the list.

Sustainable fabric

Skechers scrubs are made from materials obtained from recycled plastic bottles. It is an approach that reduces the release of non-biodegradable wastes into the landfills which eventually end up meeting the water bodies and polluting them. This is the reason why Skechers scrubs have become popular among medical professionals. They provide their customers with comfort, style, and sporty all in one.

Medical Scrubs

4- way stretch

There are three different types of stretch fabrics, that is 1way stretch, 2-way stretch, and 4-way stretch. And Skechers scrubs are 4-way stretch fabrics. It means that the scrubs stretch both lengthwise and widthwise. With this type of fabric, the wearer gets complete freedom of movement and comfort. This is the reason why it can be actively used by medical professionals allowing them all small and large movements without hampering the fabric or the practitioner. As well as guide of why you need high quality medical uniforms.

Moisture wicking property

Meaning it draws moisture, that is sweat. With this property, moisture is quickly transferred to the outer surface of the fabric. Due to this property, scrubs dry off quickly taking less time than other fabrics. This property is found in fabrics like polyester and nylon. This property also helps in regulating the body temperature of the wearer.

Soil release technology

The moisture-wicking property creates tensions on the surface of the fabric making the dust particles and moisture rest on the surface of the fabric rather than sinking into it. This is helpful for medical professionals, especially those dealing with bodily fluids that cause spillage of the fluids. You can say that this is another eco-friendly feature of Skechers uniforms scrubs.

Easy care

Skechers scrubs are easy to take care of. They can be easily washed. They should be washed separately and prefer gentle wash. They should be shade dried.


These are some of the special features that you need to know about Skechers uniforms scrubs. These are the most comfortable, affordable, and sustainable scrubs that are prefer by medical professionals all over the world. So if you are looking for an all-in-one high-quality scrubs, Skechers scrubs are the best. Order your Skechers scrubs now and work with ease, comfort and style.