The Benefits Of Buying Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

organic baby clothes

Over the past few months, I’ve been asked about organic cotton baby clothes so many times. 2018 really does seem to be the year that more and more parents are going the organic route! And who can blame them?

Mums have asked me ‘Are organic clothes baby worth the extra cost?’. And I reiterate, they are worth every penny for all manner of reasons. Becoming a Nan for the first time last month has been eye-opening to say the least. Dylan was 6 weeks premature and with fragile skin, I knew how important it was to buy him good-quality organic cotton babygrow. 

organic clothes baby
organic clothes baby

My daughter Helena has gone out of her way to ensure that Dylan’s clothes are ethically sourced and are safe for his preemie skin. She has an amazing Bamboo Swaddle which she uses all the time and the vast majority of the baby’s clothes are organic.

Wandering up and down the high street after his early birth, I saw all manner of baby clothes made with synthetic materials. Uncomfortable scratchy seams and fabrics aren’t pleasant at the best of times. But subjecting a newborn baby’s delicate and sensitive skin to non-natural fibres seems downright mean! These super cheap baby clothes might seem like a good idea at the time and let’s be fair we all like a bargain. Nonetheless, fast fashion inevitably results in someone suffering somewhere. The working conditions for people working in the ‘disposable clothes’ industry are usually very poor. Yet few people think about the implications of buying non-organic clothing.

Buying organic cotton baby clothes online really does seem to be the best option as there’s a lot of choice out there. Having said that, you can’t go far wrong with Tilly and Jasper baby clothes. Great choice, reasonable prices, ethically sourced, super-trendy and cool with it!

Benefits of Buying Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

So just to remind you … here are the main benefits of buying organic cotton baby clothes:

  • Buying organic cotton clothes can improve your life and have an impact on those around you.
  • Environmentally friendly – no nasty fertilisers and pesticides so more sustainable. 
  • Better for allergies and people with sensitive skin.
  • Best for babies’ skin – soft to the touch and no chemicals!
  • Increased durability
  • Organic cotton farming helps to fight climate change.


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