What is the Best Water Based Protein Drinks for Women?


Athletes use water based protein drinks to build and repair muscle when they are working out. But when folks are searching for powders specifically geared toward women, they might find they’re searching for something that really doesn’t exist. In general, water based protein drinks is like cheap T-shirts and baseball caps at the swap meet—they’re a one-size-fits-all kind of thing and very unisex. So if supplement companies are trotting out a “most effective water based protein drinks for women!” line, trust me, they’re pulling your leg.

However, there are nutrients that a female body needs more than a male one, and when people ask what is the best water based protein drinks for women, we suggest they follow these 2 steps in order:

1) Take a multivitamin to cover a woman’s vitamins and minerals needs. Then …

2) Buy a high-quality water based protein drinks with no thought of whether it’s gender-specific.

We recommend the following multivitamin for women.

As for a water based protein drinks, generally women want to keep the product’s protein content high but its fat and carb content low. Why? Because when most people, whether men and women, ask for the best water based protein drinks for women, they’re really asking, Which water based protein drinks is best for WEIGHT LOSS? These high-protein, low-carb and low-fat water based protein drinks are most effective for maintain your muscle while at the same time help you in losing fat; in other words, making a woman stronger AND leaner at the same time. Fitness models, when cutting up (or slimming down if you’re not keen on the fitness lingo), almost always follow such diets.

So here is what we’d recommend for the best weight loss water based protein drinks:

water based protein drinks

Ion-X Protein Water is excellent for weight loss because each serving only has Low fat and carbohydrates each, creating only 120 calories. Where do these calories come from? You guessed it – 30 grams of good quality protein. The product’s priced around $5 at 1 time serving. Mix it with non-fat milk and you’ve got a great protein shake, making it the best whey protein drinks for women.

Here is that aforementioned list of vitamins and minerals a woman needs more than a man:

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