What Is Your Digital Footprint?

Everything that is done online from surfing the web, posting on digital media, online shopping, and even liking your favorite video has the potential to be recorded and tracked to an individual. Understanding the impact that this has down the line on your child is an important part of preparing for their future.

Some strategies on being smart about you child’s online presence include:

  1. Create a managed Gmail address for your child. This address is technically under your name and allows you to monitor and manage what you child does with that email. It also helps filter content on sites like YouTube.
  2. When signing up for online accounts, put their age as under 13. FERPA laws protect your child against collection of data
  3. Be aware of terms of use on different sites your child visits.
  4. Set up monitoring and filtering on your home network.

Since so much of our activities online can last forever and be found by potential employers and admissions boards, it’s important to talk with your child about visiting safe websites and only sharing information online in a secure way. Some apps you can use to protect what your child sees online include:

kids and coding
kids and coding


By installing Qustodio on your smart device, you can monitor what your child sees online. For parents, use the Qustodio parental control app or use the Qustodio web-based Family Portal dashboard to monitor kids and coding activities in real-time. On your child’s device, Download the Qustodio app to kids’ iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac and Windows devices. Setup is quick and supervision is automatic.

Net Nanny

This app has been helping parents protect what their child sees online since 1996. This app allows you to monitor and see what your child is doing remotely. This app works by setting approved and blocked websites by entering keywords that you don’t want your child seeing.

Even if kids don’t pursue a STEM career, they’ll learn critical skills such as creative problem solving, logical thinking, and working in a team-setting that will give them a leg up in Coding School Franchise and beyond..

Kaspersky Safe

When you download Kaspersky Safe, you can not only keep watch of what they see and do on the internet but it also allows for monitoring text messages and calls, and watching their GPS location. Download the app on your child’s device and set the setting through the parental portal.