Keep Your Sports Memorabilia Safe from the Trash by Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Self Storage San Jose

Do you have sports memorabilia that has sentimental or monetary value to you? The way that you store that memorabilia can determine whether it gains or loses value. Check out some of the ways that using a self-storage facility will allow you to keep your sports memorabilia safe:

No Accidental Trash

When you keep your sports memorabilia in a self-storage unit, it won’t accidentally become trash. It’s possible that your significant other may not know about the value that your pieces have. If he or she cleans out the room in which you keep your memorabilia, he or she may unknowingly toss out your most important mementos. That can’t happen if your items are securely stored away from home.

No Risk of Theft

If you have expensive memorabilia, you could become a target for thieves. By utilizing self-storage units, your sports memorabilia will be safe from burglars and theft, which will also protect your home from the damage that accompanies those break-ins. Any displayed pieces that appear to be expensive could lure petty thieves into your home, so keeping everything safely packed away in a storage facility is a good idea.

Self Storage San Jose
Self Storage San Jose

No Water or Fire Damage

By choosing a self-storage facility for your prized sports memorabilia, you’ll be protecting it from damage caused by floods, fires, storms, wind, and even your kids. A waterlogged print or smashed signed football has little to no value, either monetary or sentimental.

No Rowdy Buddies

Do you have that friend who thinks that it is fun to toss your prized baseball around? Having your memorabilia destroyed by a friend can ruin more than just the memento—your friendship could suffer as well. By renting a self-storage unit, your items will be safe from overly enthusiastic friends, including the ones who get a little rowdy during game time.

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