Your Guide to Legal Translation and What Every Good Law Firm Should Know

If you know your way around hiring a professional legal translator, fine, but if not, then read further as we’ll be discussing how to identify a quality legal translator in Dubai, as well as how to hire one.

What is Legal Translator Dubai referred to in UAE? 

In UAE, A legal translator is an official status accredited by the Ministry of Justice, to a qualified and graduated translator duly employed by a licensed translation company in UAE, having linguistic experience and skills  in the fields of law, with extraordinary ability to translate from one language to another. A legal translator is not only used to perform translation of the legal documents from one language to another but also legalize the same in a way that both source and target versions are attached together, duly sealed and signed in his legal translation company letterhead. This type of translation is also called legal translation. There are different other terms used by the industry professionals and customers in replacement of legal translation, such as, certified translation, official translation, accredited translation, notarized translation, authorized translation but the most commonly term used in UAE is believed to be legal translation. 

Purpose to getting legal translation in Dubai and UAE:

The main purpose why you need the legal translation in Dubai is to help your non-Arabic official document to get formally identified and accepted in all the governmental and semi-governmental bodie,s by having them officially translated in Arabic through a certified legal translator. However, there are specific guidelines issued by the Ministry of Justice, according to which your document must be verified by the competent authorities of UAE or from the country issued it.

How to find a best legal translator in Dubai?

When opting to hire the best legal translation services in Dubai, there are lots of average ones who will most likely frustrate your time working with them. So, these are some of the things you might want to look out for.

What kind of Skills A Legal Translator Needs To Be Possessed?

Becoming a professional legal translator in Dubai is a meticulous craft. Thus, an excellent legal translator is one who does translation that reflects the message of the original, accurately, and idiomatically.

Dubai Legal translators are legally bound to provide accurate translation,  free of grammatical errors, maintain the same tone as per source version, and ensure meaning  of target language as the original.  

Overall, an official translator must be a competent and committed one in maintaining high quality, accuracy, perfection and turnaround time, of course, have a good command of the source language and able to understand it fully.  Plus, legal translator needs to express  well in the target language, and excellent research skills to research on your document he or she  be working on.Fields of Expertise Of Legal Translator in Dubai:

Before hiring a legal translator in Dubai, you are advised to inquire about legal translation  types of contentyour translator is capable to, in translating various types of legal documents. There are happened to bevariety of legal documents that a legal translator is supposed to work on. For instance, a construction company legal agreement contains the technical glossaries and terminologies surrounding the legal content, which cannot be translated well without having legal and technical skills and experience simultaneously by the legal translator in the field of construction law.

An excellent legal translation services will be able to translate all sorts of contracts and agreements. Also, cases like criminal cases, family law cases, environmental law, securities law, and intellectual property law. This is one way to decide how knowledgeable he or she is. 

Other than that, legal translator greatly loves translating judgments, court orders, legal cases in personal and commercial categories. This is because such works involve arguments of two or more parties; the relevant legislation and the judge’s decision.

This helps in improving the translator’s intellect on how to work on tight translation cases.

Mode of Interpretation and Response to Client

Legal translators ought to be meticulous in their handling on translation of content in legal domains. For instance,  legal translator should obtain full approach and understanding before proceeding with legal translation. This will help him or her to produce meaningful translation of the source version from scratch till end. 

During legal translation process, a good translator conducts proper research of specific terminologies and glossaries, that may affect  status of the case. Meaning that one particular word in English may have more than one meaning in Arabic and that can only be known and knowledgeable appointed certified translator if he  goes through the entire document and got full understanding of the context and intent of the case.  

Rising Demand For Legal Translation Sharjah

These days,  legal translators are not only available in Dubai, its illumination can be felt around the whole city of Sharjah. There was a time when legal translators in Sharjah were few in numbers and it was a huge challenge to get the legal translation in Sharjah. . But then Sharjah started to witness a big time change and growth in this field and need for certified legal translation in Sharjah increased dramatically in a short span of time. This further opened door and opportunities for legal translators to register their presence in this brilliant city of UAE. Now, situation is that Sharjah has so far accommodated legal translation companies in all its corners. Getting official translation in Sharjah is no more a hassle in hustle and bustle of this big city – Sharjah. 

How To Hire a Legal Translator?

Whether you’re looking to hire legal translation services in Dubai? Legal translation services in jlt? legal translation services in Sharjah? Or Legal Translator in UAE, You can either do so, by personally visiting to the office of legal translator or send your inquiry to the legal translator office electronically via email.

How To Find a Professional Legal in Dubai Through Online Source

In an online case, there are lots of legal translation companies on the internet that can provide you with the translation you need.

These online legal translation companies have staff who are, for the most part, 50% lawyer, 50% linguist, and 100% perfect! They also understand the essence of privacy and will handle your materials with great care. 

Each legal translator in these legal translation companies is more than ready to work closely with you. Coupled with their years of experience, you are assured of having the best legal translation services.

Al Syed Legal Translation is one of the proven leading accredited translation services companies in Dubai that can be searched easily through Internet. Simply visit and search with a keyword like legal translator Dubai and you will find our company on top list, in the name of Al Syed Legal Translation or (

If you are hiring legal translation company through online sources like Google, yahoo or any social engine marketing platforms, you simply need to visit website of a translation company of your choice and send your inquiry online. You can even submit and send your document digitally and electronically by email in any format like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Jpeg or Png or even in complicated Adobe programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign series. A recognized translation company accepts the documents digitally and proceed with your project, which you may receive in original format once ready. 

It is pertinent to mention that Certified Legal Translation Copies cannot be used in digital scanned format except for the record purposes. Officially translated documents are essentially be received in physical format (originally sealed and signed copies). 

Therefore, hiring legal translator through online search platforms gives you great peace of mind and comfort, because it saves you from one way process.

A professional legal translation company guarantees that your work will only be carried out by  specific legal translators. These translators do not only have a concentration in law but are well versed in their respective official language pairs. For instance, there are legal translators who can translate from English to French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Czech and vice versa (among other language pairs).

Lastly, company like Al Syed Legal Translation will more than double-check all your translated documents. It will help ensure that the formatting, as well as grammatical levels, stay up to par.

How To Hire Legal Translation Near Me

If you are thinking, how can I find a legal translation near me? You can do that so easily . Since the inception of Google location listing, businesses around you have come closer to you more than ever and in real time. Now, you need not to travel long distance to get your official translation, you can simply search through Google by entering keyword like Legal Translation Near me and you will find the offices that are in closest vicinity to your place. You can see all the translation companies nearer to your place and can choose one that is nearest to you in terms of distance and you may head to their office straight away. However, it is equally important to see the star rating of the companies appearing in Google listing because companies with poor rating yet closer to you can still feel you hurt in terms of time and energy and top of all you may loose money.

In a nutshell, hiring a Legal Translator Dubai is an act you shouldn’t rush into.  Hiring a crappy translator who is never careful or have enough patience to go over his/her work will always end up costing you money and time.

So, in order not to have such frustrating experience with a quack legal translator, consider the above points, which would likely help you go with trustworthy and reputed translation agency in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.